Virus outbreak and public readiness

Updated: Apr 3

Amid outbreak of covid-19, world is in chaos and gathering phase to tackle the virus. THe level of preparedness of governments, including in developed countries, are far from expected in civilised countries, at least what would one had believed.

What can this means for humanity?

It is hard to believe that the guard had been let down to the level that the virus infiltrates all and everyone it chooses. No human is distinguished from its reach whether the highest amongst peers or someone with the lowest of standing in many considerations, i.e. wealth, education, health etc.


Knowledge and responsibility of prospective governments will hold the keys to ensure these kinds of calamities are shunned and prevented. For now, it seems too little too late, not all hope is not dissipated though, and such a challenge may be the sign for more significant and better events in human life.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Social Distancing

  2. Self isolation

  3. Keeping healthy and fit

  4. and all these will be over before we know it.

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