Asylum Process in the UK

Asylum can only be applied by individuals if certain criterias are met. The basis upon which the refugee status can be received was created in the past century paving way decedes of human rights protection post world war II.

Convention reasons

People flee countries for many and varied reasons ranging from abusive spouses/partners, economic reasons to persecution in the hands of powerful actors of the governments. Not all of those reasons may amount to basis for claiming asylum in the convention signatory countries. Unquestionably, the consequence can be as grave in the hands of abusive spouse as persecution from the individuals corrupted by state powers.

Sadly, not all those things possession characteristics of endangering individuals life will qualify to trigger convention reasons for the purpose of affording international protection. It can only be, amongst others, if prescribed criterias are met.

Convention reasons

These are only reasons that may be relied upon can be on or more of five grounds:

  • Race

  • Nationality

  • religion

  • Membership of a particular Social Group

  • Political Opinion

In addition to those above, additional requirements are applicable that the claimant must demonstrate to show he or she is the person in need of such protection.

We will post more about this!

Right to anyone #Asyum? Good news!

Humans have, throughout the history, migrated around the world in search of better future and life. Modern era is no different to that of past human behaviour. This is truerer in the wake of current outbreak (#Asylum #Covid-19 #International Protection)!

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